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Professional and reliable bin cleaning service

We service the City of Boroondara, Stonnington, Manningham, Whitehorse, and Yarra, cleaning bins the day they’re emptied and making them smell great. We’re an eco-conscious company, ensuring that we get the best clean for your bins without harming the planet.

Why get your bins professionally cleaned?

You probably know that a dirty bin looks and smells awful, but it also presents a health hazard when your bin gets too gross.

The bacteria and germs that quickly multiply can make you and your family very sick. That’s not to mention the ants, flies and rodents that are attracted to filthy bins. They pose their own threats to the health of you and your loved ones.

Despite all of these issues, you still might be reluctant to clean your bin out regularly. The issues of wasting water and having the disgusting germs and bacteria washed into our waterways are also valid concerns.

The good news is that our bin cleaning service eliminates all of these issues, and at a great price.

High pressure cleaning

For a thorough inside and out clean of your bins.

Save water

We use less water than you would by trying to clean your bins yourself.

Environmentally friendly water disposal

No bacteria or germ-infested water gets into our waterways.

Thorough disinfection

Our antibacterial cleaning solution eliminates virtually all nasties from your bin, making your environment safer for your family.

A great smelling bin

We deodorize and sanitize your bin; no more stinky odours.

Services & Solutions

Conserves Water

Our specialised unit uses on board high pressure water which is captured, filtered and recycled.


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