Here’s what we get asked often here at Melbourne Bin Cleaning:

While it’s true that bins get dirty (because of what goes in them), it’s harmful to you and your family if you leave it to get filthier and filthier. It’s not just the awful smell, which our bin cleaning services will eliminate. There are tonnes of nasty germs and bacteria that thrive on the conditions present in a dirty bin, and pests are attracted to them as well.  These nasties pose a health hazard, which is why it’s important to have your bin sanitized regularly. You’ll ward off germs and pests, and you won’t have to suffer with a stinky bin anymore either.

For our residential customers, we usually recommend fortnightly or monthly cleaning, depending on how dirty your bin gets. We’re happy to do weekly cleaning as well, if your bin gets particularly gross! We also work with our commercial clients to customise a bin cleaning service schedule that works for you.

Recycle bins don’t usually end up as filthy as your normal bin, but spills from old milk bottles and other recyclable items can still attract bugs and make your bin smell. We’ll do a great deal for you when you get both your bins cleaned by Melbourne Bin Cleaning!

We currently service suburbs within the City of Banyule, Boroondara, Darebin, Glen Eira, Manningham, Melbourne, Monash, Moreland, Port Phillip, Stonnington, Whitehorse and Yarra.

Please note that Melbourne Bin Cleaning is expanding into new areas frequently. If your area is not listed for Wheelie Bin Cleaning above, please contact us to express your interest.

If your area is not covered don’t worry contact us, we have a waiting list for all surrounding areas once the area meets our threshold requirements, we can offer the same price and the same service to you these areas.

No. Our team has self-contained cleaning units, which means we don’t need you there to give access to your water either. We come to your home after your bin is emptied and work our magic to make it sanitary and pleasant-smelling. You just need to make sure your bin isn’t put away from our access after the rubbish truck empties it. Once we’re done cleaning, we send you the invoice. It’s that easy!

Simply fill out online booking form with your details and make payment using our secure gateway. First payment will be deducted immediately and then recurring on your chosen schedule. When you sign up for our service there is no commitment or lock in contract so you can cancel or place the service on hold at any time.

Don’t suffer with a smelly bin that attracts pests and harbours germs – call us!

Still got questions? Want to book your bin cleaning? Get in touch now at 1300 635 246.