Providing wheelie bin cleaning to Owners Corporations


Do you manage an apartment block, units or town houses, or are on the owner’s corporation? Then the responsibility of cleaning the bins probably falls on you. It’s just another job on the long list of things to do, and let’s be honest, you don’t want to clean them, do you?


Hosing out a wheelie bin is not enough to remove or kill the bacteria breeding, it is also illegal to allow the wastewater to enter our storm water drains. By allowing this to happen you are polluting our water ways and it is a finable offence. You are deemed to be causing stormwater pollution and wasting a very precious resource – water.


Our mobile Wheelie Bin Cleaning Unit has been designed and purpose built to meet strict environmental policies and guidelines. Our unique water recycling unit on our vehicles allows for the saving of thousands of litres of water per week and the capture of all contaminated waste water. All our cleaning products are environmentally friendly, and our wastewater is disposed of at an authorised drop off point ensuring none ends up in our beautiful waterways.


Melbourne Bin Cleaning sanitizes, deodorizes and cleans all your bins on-site, there is no mess and no fuss. Our service is affordable, highly effective, healthy and environmentally safe. We work hard to deliver the best service allowing you to keep your bins hygienically clean and smelling fresh, giving you peace of mind and protection for all your residence.


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Number of Each Bin Size (where applicable)
120 Lt240 Lt360 Lt660 Lt1100 Lt

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